Every weekend in East London, Lemlem Kitchen delight customers with their menu, as classic East African Eritrean flavours are given a modern streetfood twist! However for two days next month, on Friday 7th & Friday 14th October, Lemlem Kitchen will host an Eritrean-Italian fusion supper club – Industria Asmarina, at Lara’s Cafe in North London; where diners will be able to experience a delightful fusion of flavours that Netil Market regulars are lucky enough to enjoy every Saturday and the occasional Sunday. For two nights only, Makda and Jack – the lovely couple behind Lemlem Kitchen, will provide the opportunity to showcase their culinary creativity by bringing a distinctive combination of the flavours of Italy and Asmara (the capital of Eritrea and Makda’s home town) to diners, in a unique environment. “With Lemlem Kitchen we have reimagined the Italian restaurants of my childhood as an Eritrean-Italian fusion dining experience of the future. Taking tastes, memories, ingredients and stories from those days we have created a new 4 course menu. Some taken directly from dishes we ate as children, others created by imagining new possibilities.” The 4 course menu will include – Antipasto: Bani Mortadella Gwi’ey – crusty bread, mortadella, jalapeño; Primo: Spaghetti Komidere Berbere mis Injera – pasta in a spicy tomato sauce on injera; Secondo: Asa al forno mis Tsebhi Birsen – baked white fish with spiced lentils and Dolce: Sorbetti nay Beles – prickly pear sorbet. Tickets cost £29.50, Friday 7th & Friday 14th October, 8.00pm – 11.00pm. Lara’s Cafe, 16 Blackstock Road, London, N4 2DW. For more information and to purchase tickets visit https://grubclub.com/lemlem-kitchen/lemlem-kitchen-industria-asmarina



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